“Mr. Hudson is a blessing to my life...I cannot thank him enough, and I would definitely recommend his practice to anybody needing help of any caliber, whether a little case, or a huge case. He is a person of great moral character and a good soul who trusts in his clients as he did me and will fight for you to go back to living a normal life again away from the criminal justice system as much as possible. Thank you sir! Making this review was the least that I could do.” – Mohammad Heidarasl

“I am so glad my Lord blessed me with a great lawyer. I would recommend anyone with any case use Brandon Hudson he is a great lawyer and worth every dollar. He fights to win and he got such a good reputation he number one lawyer to me.” – Leroy

“Mr. Hudson always fully explained, not only the positive points of my case, but also any negative or weak areas of my case. Mr. Hudson’s expertise has given me a second chance at life and for that I will always be grateful to him. During the course of my time with Mr. Hudson, I have grown to consider him not only my attorney, but also my friend. I would recommend Mr. Hudson to anyone looking for a smart, dependable and knowledgeable criminal defense attorney. ” – Richard

“The absolute BEST attorney I have ever encountered, is Brandon Hudson. He is a caring, competent and loyal attorney who does what he says, and actually CARES.” – Craig Davis

“You just cannot go wrong with Mr. Brandon Hudson...I consider Mr. Hudson our personal family attorney. I hope not to ever need him to defend us again but if you find that today you are in much need of someone that will fight to the end for you, call him. He gave us both our lives back and for that we will be forever grateful. He does not collect and sit on it. He goes to work immediately and tells you what to expect from the first consultation.” – L Sanchez

“I am a professional, myself, and have hired two attorneys in the past for our son. They took our money and pleaded nolo contendre and gave us horrible advice. The small offenses add up so Attorney Hudson had his hands full when he took my son's case. Do whatever it takes to hire Attorney Hudson, so you can have the peace of mind, you hired the BEST in Texas and on this planet.” – Darla

“It is rare indeed to see this kind of dedication to law and the pursuit of justice. That a lawyer would freely give his time to a person that is clearly being railroaded by the Justice system. It was an Honor having him join my team and stand with me in my fight to keep my freedom and prove my innocence.” – Judith Cummins

“Brandon provided excellent services to our family during a recent legal case that had tremendous implications on my son...While I hope I never need his services again, I would return to Brandon in a heartbeat based on the quality and caring support he provided to our family if a situation arose in the future.” – Bill

“Facing a ridiculous amount of jail time for being in the wrong place at the wrong time, as well as making the wrong decisions, Brandon fought to have my punishment to be practically nothing. If you are a professional that needs to not skip a beat with your career, do not waste your money on the attorneys that waste their time on hokey billboards. If you have a high profile case, Brandon Hudson is the only person you should consider working with. Period.” – JB

“I was charged with a DUI I felt was unjust and I was essentially being railroaded. Doug Daniel came highly recommended so I gave him a call. Due to his tenacity, determination, and intimate knowledge of the law, the case was ultimately dismissed with a not guilty verdict. Had I hired an attorney of lesser caliber and professionalism the outcome could have been much different. I would and will highly recommend Doug Daniel to anyone needing a defense attorney.” – Steve Collins

“Choosing Brandon is a no-brainer...He is on your side and to say he's a shark in the court room is an understatement. Watching his brain work while considering every possible scenario of what your best move is, will let you know you have chosen the right attorney. Brandon was able to re-unite me with my child and in a way that no one else would have been able to accomplish. He knows the right people and precisely what to say to them and when.” – GP

“I was recently arrested for DWI in a small town south of San Antonio near where I live...It took longer than I thought it would to get a trial, but Mr. Daniel would not be put off and in the end I was found not guilty. I am very glad that I hired Mr. Daniel to handle my case. He knew exactly what was needed to be successful in my case and I would highly recommend him to anyone who needs help with a matter involving the law.” – Travis Tymrak

“...because Mr. Hudson has very good skills in a courtroom and has tried so many cases, I definitely could tell the prosecutor in our case was a lot less cocky with us than he acted around some of the other people in court whose lawyers seemed less sure of themselves.” – Wayne

“I am very proud to say I hired the law firm of Daniel and Hudson. I STRONGLY recommend Douglas Daniel to anyone who is looking to win their case without a doubt. At least I know if I ever need a Lawyer I can count on him to win my case.” – Vivian Ortiz

“I am glad that I hired the law firm of Daniel and Hudson. Mr. Daniel represented me on a DWI charge here in San Antonio that included a blood specimen that showed a pretty high blood alcohol content. He called an expert witness and filed a pretrial motion and got the evidence of my blood alcohol content thrown out. He continued to work hard on the case and convinced me to not take any plea bargain. When my case was finally called for trial the district attorney dismissed the case. If you are charged with a DWI, these guys are good. I would recommend them to anyone.” – P Lancio

“I fully endorse Mr. Hudson. I personally saw him at his best during a murder trial...He stood firm yet held the highest of professionalism when responding to negative remarks made by the DA involved, he was phenomenal. He maintained his demeanor of balance and credibility when the DA was frustrated and unprofessional. He was precise and professional with each detail of the case. So, it is not surprising when the truth and evidence brought forward for a jury to make the decision that they see the truth and make the right decision in a “NOT Guilty” verdict. Therefore yes, I am pleased with the hard work put forward and highly recommend Mr. Brandon Hudson.” – Deborah

“It's comforting to know that somebody with this much experience is representing you during this trying time.” – Mark

“He (Brandon) was very detailed in explaining what he would try to accomplish with the case. He has been in constant communication with us regarding the case. Anything he has asked us to provide we have been able to accomplish this with very little hassle. He was able to gather all the required information and successfully get the case dismissed.” – Sandra

“I interviewed five attorneys before selecting Brandon Hudson. Mr. Hudson's grasp of the law is extraordinary, his devotion to his clients is simply unmatched. Mr. Hudson, does not settle; rather, prepares a vigorous defense from the start. I've never encountered an attorney who is as professional, dedicated, compassionate, and who holds themselves to a high ethical standard, as Brandon.” – RT

“I am very glad that I hired the law firm of Daniel and Hudson to handle my case. Mr. Daniel was my lawyer...I work hard and hold a prominent position in my community and he understood how concerned I was that being charged with a criminal offense could damage my reputation and that of my family. He did not quit until the charges against me were dismissed. I would recommend him to anyone that asks me for help in getting a lawyer.” – Anna Sanchez

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